Slow Grown Outdoor Reared Irish Chickens


'For Poultry that tastes like it used to taste'


O'Mahonys the Market stock our slow grown chickens but if you don't want to be disappointed order in advance.

Our slow grown chickens weigh between 3kg and 4.5kgs, they are not small or cheap,  however a 4.5kg chicken can easily feed 8 people and a roast chicken can produce 3 meals, first the roast, second pick the meat from bones for a pie and thirdly boil up the carcass for a stock to make a soup or bone broth.


Our chickens are reared in the traditional way on our family farm in Co Cork.

They are allowed to roam outdoors during all daylight hours, coming into warm building at night to avoid night time prowlers and in bad weather, chickens don't like rain!  They are grown slowly to full maturity, fed on a diet containing 80% cereals and are never given antibiotics or growth promoters.

We believe in slow food, chickens reared the old fashioned way. Intensively reared chickens are grown for 35 days, our chickens are slow grown for a minimum of 70-80 days, this slow rearing along with the fact that they are roaming outdoors gives a fuller flavour and texture to the meat.

All our poultry from day old chicks is reared, slaughtered and packed on our farm, not leaving until being delivered to our customers, keeping our road miles as low as possible.

Where to buy our slow grown chickens:

O'Mahonys the Market

Unit 36 Grand Parade Market Buildings

The English Market 


​Tel: 21 427 0254

Facts about slow grown chickens:

Intensively reared chicken has  a high water content with little structure to the meat.

Slow grown chicken reared to maturity - meat is full of flavour with a firm texture to the meat, due to the lack of water in the meat, it will dry out if overcooked.

Intensively reared chickens have very soft bones, easily cut through with a knife.

​Slow grown chickens have strong bones full of nutrients, they are very difficult to cut through with a knife but make a fantastic bone broth.

Intensively reared chickens are grown quickly (35 days) therefore costs are kept to a minimum hence cheaper price but lower quality.

Slow grown chickens (70-80 days old) have extra food costs for a longer time but as a true slow growing chicken is gaining flavour, the quality of the finished product is worth the extra.

In short slow grown chickens are delicious!