Our Irish Outdoor reared Aylesbury ducks are reared on our farm in Carrigcleena, just outside the village of Bweeng, Co Cork. We are a small family business with a passion for the ducks we rear and the finished product that we produce.  

Our ducklings arrive on our farm within days of hatching, their enclosures are warmed to give them maximum protection from the elements, they are given a constant supply of clean water and feed for the first two weeks to give them the perfect start in life.  After two weeks, they are then moved on into a bigger area, still inside the barn in the warm as they only have down and no feathers at this stage. From four weeks they have access to a small outdoor area when the weather is warm and dry.

From the age of six weeks when fully feathered they are given full access to fields, to enjoy their natural surroundings during all daylight hours, coming into barns at night and are bedded on fresh clean straw every day, coming in at night is essential to prevent them becoming a midnight feast for various night time prowlers! 

We nurture them from babies until ready to slaughter feeding them on a diet containing 80% cereals, we do not give them antibiotics or growth promoters.  as we have full control from baby duckling to adult we can ensure the highest possible quality.

During the day if you drive passed our farm, you wil be able to see our ducks wandering around the fields in nearly all weathers, we tend to find they like basking in the sunshine and obviously love the rain, we do find however that they are a little less likely to stay outside in very high wind! Who can blame them?

​When reared to maturity, which gives a fuller flavour to the meat they produce they are slaughtered on farm in our own purpose built slaughterhouse which allows the ducks to be walked calmly from their enclosures to the holding pen ensuring as little stress as possible.  Slaughtering on farm means that we are able to fully maintain control of the entire process to ensure that from baby duckling to oven ready duck we can ensure the finest product.  

The ducks are then packed on site after being left to hang in a cold room overnight to ensure a nice dry skin, from here they are then transported in a refrigerated van to our customers around Co Cork, Co Kerry and Co Limerick, this is the first time they have left our farm since being newly hatched ducklings meaning that we are keeping our road miles as low as possible.

We believe that our ducks are happy ducks and that happy ducks make tasty ducks