For best results cook slowly

pre-heat oven to 200˚C

1. Using your fingers separate skin from breasts,  push softened butter or olive oil and seasoning under the skin (add a few chopped herbs if you like)

2. Rub cockerel all over with olive oil or butter and season skin well.

3. Put fresh herbs and a lemon cut in half into cavity and season well.

4. Place cockerel in oven breast side down for 20 mins, reduce oven to 150˚C, turn cockerel over and baste. After 30 mins baste again, if possible baste every 30-45 mins until cooked.

5. Rest covered in foil, breast side down for 25 mins before serving, this will produce a juicy and succulent bird that is extremely tasty.

Cooking times:

Cook for approximately 45 mins per kg plus 20 mins.

How to cook our outdoor reared slow grown cockerels